To be honest... not a whole lot! Everything that you will need to know, you should have received with your invitation. Each child will have a short introduction description to read when they get to the party (not needed to be memorized) and from there on out, everything will play out as it should. Just relax... and have fun!

While you are certainly not required to have a costume, costumes are always encouraged! It doesn't have to be fancy or frivolous -- just fun! Think bandanas and cowboy hats! Plastic pistols and parasols! Need more ideas? Just check our costuming page here!

Wyatt Wilson—Mayor. With the town in trouble, this leader will need to keep the bad guys out and the good guys in if they expect to keep their job!

Shootin' Sal—Sheriff. The mayor's sidekick, Sal will do whatever they are told… regardless of what side of the law it is on.

Deputy Danny—Sheriff's Deputy. There is no more dutiful citizen than Danny. Because Danny believes it is their job to keep everyone in check, including those Danny answers to.

Moneybags Malone—Banker. With the bank always getting robbed, no one wants to the town rid of outlaws more than Moneybags themself!

Saloon Sam—Saloon Owner.
Owner of the most popular joint in town, Sam takes the credit for keeping the town alive…and some don't like it!

Billy-the-Bartender—Bartender. Serving up everything from root beer to lemonade, this bartender knows how to stir things up!
Sunshine Kate—Saloon singer. No one can carry a tune like this little diva. And she knows it.

Dirty Dawg—Bandit. While Dirty Dawg would like to stay on the right-side of the law, they just can't seem to keep anything straight lately.

Mabel Anne—Southern Belle. Prim and proper, this little lady is out of place in the wild, wild west… or is that just what she wants you to think?

Ace Kelly—Gambler. Known for their sly style and card counting ways, this card shark can't seem to win while they are at the saloon. Ace is sure to want to make someone pay for all the money they have lost before they leaves town.

Gold Finder—Prospector. Gold came to town to find just that... gold. But could Gold be looking for gold in all of the wrong places?

Wranglin' Riley—Rancher. Home on the range, Riley has been practicing their roping skills... but for what reason we do not know.

  • Be on the lookout for outlaws in Silver Springs! They seem to be all over the place!

  • Some people think they can run this town better than the Mayor!

  • You don't want to miss Sunshine Kate's show at the Honky-Tonk Saloon!

  • Gold Finder has been said to spend just as much time looking for gold as they do in the Saloon!

  • There was a robbery earlier this week at the bank! The robber is still on the loose!

  • There is nothing that tops an ice-cold root beer from the Honky-Tonk Saloon!

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